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The Consultation

The First Consultation (60 minutes)

At your first consultation the practitioner will listen to your complaints in detail. You will be asked questions about your health and medical history. A clinical examination (e.g. pulse and blood pressure) may be warranted where indicated. 

Depending on the complexity of your issues, a personalised management plan may or may not be designed on the same day of your first appointment. If your management plan has not been agreed during your initial consultation, this will be concluded in your follow-up.     


The Follow-up Consultations (30 minutes)

Following your initial consultation the practitioner will carefully assess all the information you have provided and be ready to explain any findings at your second appointment. A personalised management plan may be tailored to address your needs if not provided in the earlier consultation. If agreeable, you can begin the treatment immediately thereafter.


If your management plan was agreed at your initial consultation: you and the practitioner will discuss your progress, concerns and challenges during the follow-ups. Follow-up appointments should take place 1 to 4 weeks after your first session and continue as required.


How many appointments do you need? 

This will depend on the complexity of your case. Some people will respond more quickly to herbal medicine than others.

Please email to book an appointment


Herbal Prescriptions

Depending on the complexity of your complaints, your herbal prescription may or may not be ready on the same day as your first consultation. Prescriptions can either be collected or posted to your address. Standard delivery charges will apply.

Examples of herbal medicines prescribed according to the individual management plan: 

  • Tinctures – Herbal liquid preparations: the phytochemical constituents of plants are extracted in a mix of water and alcohol.

  • Infusions (tea) – Dried (or fresh) herbs infused in water 

  • Decoctions – Plant parts (e.g. roots) simmered in water

  • Creams, ointments, salves and balms – May be made with herb-infused oils and/or essential oils  


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